Thanks to Crossfit Nashua

Crossfit Nashua

Thanks to Crossfit Nashua for letting me visit and do some workouts this week.  They have a really nice, large space and the owner, Eric Fasciani, is a cool laid back guy.  I got to do two workout there, Stack and Lynne.  The 1st one killed me with the wall walks and the 2nd was a great chance to do some bench press in a Crossfit way.  I would have liked a little more structure to the workout though.  Sometimes I wasn’t sure what the  next step was in the warmup or when we should start the real workout.  It was a good time all in all.


One thought on “Thanks to Crossfit Nashua

  1. There is no MetCon today. The Workout is to bench press as much as you can. If you’ve been here this week, then you sohuld have got a healthy dose of metabolic conditioning. Today will be a day to just focus on your strength. You’ll be fresh for tomorrow’s insanity.

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