Bought tickets to Ko Samui and Bali


I’m heading to Ko Samui with some friends from Aug 9-13 and then flying to Bali on the 14th with an overnight in Singapore.  The other guys will head back to Singapore while I fly up to Bangkok.  The trip will be a blast.

Buying the tickets was mostly easy.  I’m flying on Bangkok Air to and from Ko Samui and their website was pretty easy.  Same story for buying the ticket on Tiger Airways to get to Singapore and the ticket on AirAsia to get into Bali.  However, buying the ticket from Bali to Bangkok took a lot more work.

Basically, their website couldn’t process the payment correctly and I had to drive up to the Phuket airport to buy the ticket in person.  It ended up costing me almost twice the price quoted on the website, and it took me an hour and 39 km each way to get it done.  Oh well, it’s done now and wasn’t too much hassle.